VENEZIA Scarf baby blue with a leather strap

49.00 EUR

Dostawa: 7 working days

Minimalistic, timeless and fashionable design, completely hand-crafted with the use of fair trade and friendly materials -that what makes Favillier so unique...

Leather buckle is the original way to decorate your scarf and make it especially functional. There are several super chic prints and colors to choose from. This buckle is the ultimate accessory to spice up your favourite scarf.


Choose your own combination and create original and unique character

 of your favorite scarf!

  • Made of soft and luxury fleece
  • Natural leather buckle
  • Can be worn with visible or hidden buckle
  • Possibility of choosing buckles in a different color
  • 50% fleece, 50% polyester, 100% leather
  • one size: 125cm x 125cm
  • Machine wash at 40°C  after removing the leather buckle, no bleach, ironing temperature up to 200°C